Need fast and cheap network backup tool?

Use SyncEXPnet.

SyncEXPnet is FAST, RELIABLE and FLEXIBLE when you need to synchronize and back up data on simple or complex sync tasks:

  Between computers using a USB drive or a portable disks

  Between your home and work computers over the internet

  Among any number of computers on multiple local and remote networks

  Sync only modified records in large size databases with ODBC connection

SyncEXPnet could just be the cheapest and the best solution you have been looking for.

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Feature List

Easy Sync Task Management

  • Unlimited number of sync task
  • Easy-to-configure sync action per task
  • Toggle on auto/manual sync mode per task
  • Built-in schedular per task
  • Configurable auto-load of program for un-manned schedule sync tasks
  • Configurable quiet-mode on schedule sync tasks
  • Configurable off-set time tolerance
  • Allowing environment variable such as %USERNAME%

Advanced User Management

  • Password protected system and user settings
  • Easy-to-configure user read/write privilege per network storage folder/device
  • Bandwidth and login IP control per user
  • Real-time log on user activities
  • Command-line execution options
  • Program can run from USB thumb drive

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Multiple Network Connection Setting

  • Configurable service port number
  • Allowing multiple concurrent sync requests from different users
  • One-click button to disconnect all sync requests
  • Configurable maximum number of accepted sync requests
  • Configurable maximum bandwidth allowed on the program
  • Configurable compression rate on unzipped files to balance between bandwidth usage and computing power
  • Configurable zip file type by admin
  • Batch replacement of host address stored on tasks

SyncEXPnet comes with FileSync and DataSync functionalities. FileSync works with the files and folders on the network, while DataSync manages and compares the system records and tables inside the database.

FileSync Features

  • Versatile sync action options on file and folder
  • Allow grouping of scattered files and folders sync into one task
  • Configurable exclusion file type
  • Configurable directory cache time
  • Preview of sync action before execution
  • Dynamic sync status bar with activity details
  • Smart cache system to save time on large scale sync task
  • One-click sync on defined task

DataSync Features

  • Backup/mirror databases across the Internet or corporate networks
  • Easy-to-configure sync task down to per field level
  • Mapping dataset and access privilege per user as simple as mapping storage folder
  • Supporting any type of databases with a ODBC connection such as Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL server, Sybase, Pervasive SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and also desktop database products, such as, FileMaker and Microsoft Access

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Typical Applications

SyncEXPnet is an easy solution of:
Always trying to recall what files to bring home by the USB drive? Which file is the latest? The one on Desktop or the one in USB?

It would be nice if you just defined, once and for all, a file sync task in SyncEXPnet to auto-select all modified or new files from your usual working folders, and transfer them all to your USB drive. Run the task at day-end, grab the USB drive and go!
The 5,000 photos of your 3-yr-old deserve regular backups. But you always forget?
“I’ve worked from site to site for a whole week. I’ve no idea what to copy back to my office network drive.”

Generally there are two classes of application (1) getting a latest copy on any file/data changed in a remote mechine, and (2) making data backup as a counter measure to risk of storage hardware failure.

Whether you are an individual or a corporate user, you are needing SyncEXPnet for both reasons. Your need may be translated into the following kind of usages:

  • Replicate and back-up data between your home and office computers via the Internet.
  • Get latest file/database from office via the Internet while you are on the move.
  • Synchronize data between laptop and desktop through local network.
  • Synchronize data between computers among complex corporate networks.
  • Synchronize data between computers using a USB drives or moveable disks. 
  • Backup scattered files into a single place. Say you have a team of CAD/CAM draftsmen each owns a cluster fo CAD files stored on different folders in individual local computers. The file updates are made randomly. You can use SyncEXPnet to run auto sync task in any time span to backup their works into a single location.SyncEXPnet can define sync file type on per task basis over scattered folders, and it can find out which file is changed in breezing speed. So you will sync those gigabyte size media files only when needed.
  • Synchronize databases between different computers. Say you need to make backup of an ERP database for security reason. SyncEXPnet is probably the cheapest yet reliable solution you can get in the market.SyncEXPnet can detect change of record down to per field level. So there is no need to sync the entire set of database files for a backup. Instead SyncEXPnet will just sync the field records changed. Subsequently you can maximum the sync frequency without consuming much of computing power.  


Woody: First, I would like to thank you for your application. I have been looking for a way to sync files between my work computer, my home computer and my USB drive for quite some time now. I’ve tried 10 different applications looking for something that will work the way I need it to work and yours is the first I’ve found that really works:

1. Microsoft Briefcase: In order for it to work the way I need it to work, the briefcase must be on the home and work computers and the main files on the USB drive. This is a real inconvenience when you need to copy a document from the briefcase and it won’t permit it because it already has a sync copy.

2. Allway Sync & Go: Found it difficult to use. It is made so that you can ONLY sync to a USB drive.

3. CarbonFolder: Easy to use, but very slow.

4. Enhanced Windows Backup: Could not figure out how to get past the registration page.

5. Flash Sync: Did not work on my computer.

6. FolderSync: Does not have all the features I need.

7. FreeCommander: Found the synchronization feature VERY flakey.

8. OzSync: Did not work on my computer. Beautiful interface, though.

9. SyncBack: Had features disabled, unless you pay for the program.

Finally, I found SyncEXPnet. It appears to do everything I need.

I can set up separate jobs to synchronize folders on both computers and the interface is easy to figure out. The implementation appears solid (as advertized) and synchronization is very fast. I can start multiple synchronization jobs instead of one at a time, as with Free Commander and others.

The log-file is truly a thing of beauty and easy to read, well laid out! Are you using the Windows Shadow Copy service? SyncEXPnet doesn’t appear to have problems with locked files.

Thank you for creating I hope to be using it for a long time, and yes, I’ll be most definitely contributing to your work.

Vivian “I just started using your sync program and it rocks. It’s small and does the job! Thanks so much for your hard work and dedication to this project, it truly shows!”

Willse “Thank you for the fantastic software. It is truly the best of its kind out there.”

Paul “Thank you for creating SyncEXPnet! Great program!”

Matt “Awesome program BTW. Really, amazingly _fast_!”

Marriott “I just found SyncEXPnet today and tried it out – very good !”

Mike I use SyncEXPnet to do NAS to NAS offsite backups from my office to my house over a VPN connection. SyncEXPnet has been running for months now flawlessly, silently making sure my data is secure. It’s super fast and gets the job done without spending a fortune. Service is great and they made sure my hard-to-duplicate problem after I rebuilt my server was resolved.

KillerStartupsOur users seem to really enjoy SyncExpert and this is certainly a good indicator of which way the company is going. The best thing about this application is definitely the way it intelligently gets rid of duplicate folders for you.”

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FileSync Features

Task Management Panel

Task Management Panel

Setting Access Privilege Per Folder/Device

Setting Access Privilege Per Folder/Device

Selection of Folder/Dataset

Selection of Folder/Dataset

Preview of Sync Action in Tree Mode

Preview of Sync Action in Tree Mode

Sync Progress Status Bar

Sync Progress Status Bar

Built-in Task Scheduler

Built-in Task Scheduler

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